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Marketing complex products and services to hard to reach target audiences is what we do


MSU students after a C&R apprenticeship make

$5,000 - $10,000 more than the average Comm. Arts grad

This is not an internship, this is a long term apprenticeship. Our apprenticeships are usually best suited for juniors or seniors.


Apprenticeships are available for students studying Journalism, Communication Arts, Video/Photography, Public Policy Research, Graphic Design and Web Design. All apprenticeship hopefuls must have skills in the specific area they are applying for.


All apprenticeships will take place in our East Lansing office.


To apply for one of our apprenticeships please email us with the following information:


- Supply a link to samples of your work


- List your previous work experience (both internships and jobs)


- Include a list of your references


Email a resume (no cover letter needed) to Address it to Gavin West.

What Does It Take to Be a C&R Apprentice?

  • PR Rockstar Apprenticeship

    PR apprentices work on projects involving journalism, public relations, and marketing. They will write news releases, industrial magazine articles, and update databases. Most importantly, they’ll call other humans on the phone and motivate them to do things. Seriously, you have to be a compelling and engaging telephone caller. It’s no secret, millennials are shy about using phones…get over it and you’ll standout. Spoiler Alert: PR work is 90% desk work and 10% field work!

  • Photographer Apprenticeship

    Apprentices at C&R are exposed to journalism, public relations and marketing photography. They will photograph news events, take head-shots for news releases, and shoot locations for industrial magazines. All gigs are paid! This apprenticeship is for advanced photo-students. We teach technical skills; apprentices learn project management, how to shoot live events involving news makers, product display and other aspects of the “business-end” of photography. Most importantly C&R photographers get published in magazines, brochures, and Internet-based news channels. Bonus — they also can use our amazing equipment and studio for their own projects!

  • Video Shooter/Editor Apprenticeship

    Apprentices will go on location shoots of local industrial and training videos as well and occasionally music videos and short documentaries. Videographers must have work experience and samples of editing industrial/corporate videos using Adobe Premiere CC. This apprentice position requires shooting with our Cannon 70D cameras (the ones with facial recognition!). These projects are for advanced student-shooters/editors! We’ll teach technical skills; and learn project management, shooting live events, and other aspects of the “business-end” of video production. Gigs are paid — We also have news division so shooters are work on Live Broadcast news assignments. Learn more at: www.CRnews.Biz


    Needed Video Skills:

    - understanding of portable bi-color studio lights.

    - experience with title slides.

    - know how to use LAV and boom mics.

    - able to use two and four channel Tascams.

    - shoot using rails and sliders.



  • Web Designer/Graphic Guru Apprenticeship

    This apprenticeship is for someone that is NOT an advanced level print or web designer. We teach you that stuff. It involves all aspects of web and graphic development and maintenance. Interns will add major projects and skills to their portfolios, such as the items shown on this website…Apprentices have built everything you see on the C&R site. To be considered for this apprenticeship, applicants need to have completed some projects having used Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. They will also need to learn Adobe Muse using C&R's full supply of Adobe Creative Cloud products and tutorials. If you have a little experience using Abobe products learning MUSE will be EeeZee PeeZee.

  • Research Associate Public Policy

    This Position is a bit more advanced and holds more responsibility. You'll need to be a smart, cool person to be our State Federal / Municipal Public Policy & Regulation Research Associate. Wow..that’s a mouthful. You’ll work from home and our East Lansing office. This position reports to our partner JD Snyder our Policy Entrepreneur. The Research Associate will also work with our creative team members: web developer, writers etc.

Successful applicants will be fun, honest and hardworking.


Most Communications & Research, Inc. apprentices go on to careers in corporate PR, marketing, journalism or national non-profits — at least the ones that don’t die of exhaustion. ☺


C&R is a hard-news PR firm; many of our releases are based on research performed by us or our clients. There’s no stuffy office decorum or office politics here. We focus on accomplishing the goals and objectives of our clients — period. It’s a fast-paced environment not recommended for folks with thin skin.


C&R apprenticeships offer training from the firm’s two partners each day you work. A C&R apprentice will be trained to manage projects. You won’t be sitting around killing time here.


Being an apprentice at C&R is a

career builder.

Apprentice Success Stories: Claire

Apprentice Success Stories: Rox

Apprentice Success Stories: Erik

Examples of Apprentice Work

Magazine Designs

Web Design

App Graphics

Poster Designs

What Our Apprentices Say About C&R

Joe and Kathy were so great to me. Working with both of them made such an impact on getting me where I am today.


After I graduated from MSU, I secured a job in Chicago at an advertising agency where I'm a media buyer. I have to negotiate every day and I swear I wouldn't have a back bone if I didn't have the apprenticeship at C&R. Thank you so much!


Alyse Patrick

Working at C&R felt like a real job. I was given valuable work to help build my skill set by talking to clients, managing major projects and working on campaign strategies.


Joe and Kathy dedicated a large amount of time to me and gave me opportunities to find the next project instead of me asking for the next project. If you are interested in PR, marketing, or advertising, this is the perfect place to start your career. This apprenticeship has helped me to land a management marketing job at InBev, one of the worlds largest beverage companies.


Steve Ingber

C&R provided me with the skill-set needed to land an awesome job after college.


Every day was something new and exciting. The hands-on experience I had designing websites and graphics for clients put me steps above competition when entering the workforce. I'm forever thankful for my C&R family and the opportunities I had here.


Emily Grevel

Being an apprentice at C&R is not a blow-off position you take just to beef up your resume.

It's an apprenticeship for students that want to get experience with real projects.


An apprenticeship here means working with real clients. It means getting honest and helpful feedback on how you can improve. It means truly being a certified badass. Are you ready?


Claire Kolze


C&R Alumni in the News

Jessica Lipowski

Past Asst. Project Manager at C&R

Kayla Roney-Smith

Past Asst. Project Manager at C&R


She is the Executive Director at Hazel Park Promise Zone and College Access Network, a nonprofit to increase educational attainment in Detroit.  She helps students and families navigate the college entrance system.


She graduated from MSU with a BA from James Madison College and Journalism. She is completing her Master of Social Work, Social Policy and Management of Human Services at U of M.


Jessica earned her degree in Journalism from MSU and moved to Amsterdam where she worked for an online group travel platform, leading the sales and marketing team. She also covered Amsterdam as the 10 Best Local Expert. She explored Amsterdam’s diversity and wrote and released her first non-fiction book, Flavors of Life, highlighting life stories of expat restaurant owners.

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