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Marketing complex products and services to hard to reach target audiences is what we do


We are experts at delivering complex messaging to small target audiences. We offer PR and marketing services to businesses, state / national associations, government agencies and non-profits. We are one of the few Midwest firms that have in-house video, web development, photography, graphic design and other creative services.

Kathy Schaefer, partner

Consumers' Mindset

Skills & Tasks:

Project management, accounting, grant writing, publishing, health and science research.

On any given day:

Kathy manages the work flow of most C&R projects. She coordinates and serves as editor for numerous state and national industry publications. Her duties include graphic design, art direction and photography. In addition to grant writing she also manages and handles grant evaluation, accounting, and reporting.


Her career includes being a hospital administrator, association public policy advisor and news media spokesperson. In the late '90s and early 2000s, she managed a staff of more than 140 skilled and unskilled workers on two hospital campuses for McLaren Regional Hospitals. Kathy graduated with a BS in Dietetics from Michigan State University and began her professional career as a Registered Clinical Dietitian specializing in Surgical and Intensive Care.

Joe Ross, partner

What Do C&R Clients Get?

Skills & Tasks:

Creative director over the firm’s film, print, and web media; lead marketing strategist and manages C&R's stock portfolio.

On any given day:

Joe is the firm’s jack-of-all-trades. When he’s not leading a project, he plays a supporting role to C&R staffers. Joe also serves as our firm’s salesman, pitching our media campaigns to primary media and arranging executive-level sales meetings for our clients.


During the past decade, he launched technology companies and added health care and economic development to his range of expertise. He has extensive experience in producing publications, Internet strategies and traditional campaigns for Midwest-based companies. He served on the Chicago Economic Roundtable of the Federal Reserve for 12 years and was nominated as “Newsmaker of the Year” in 2008 by Both newspapers. He is the past Chairman of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce’s Health Policy Committee and has recently been appointed as an adviser to the Michigan Hospital Association’s Board of Directors. Regarding his academic achievements…he’s a college drop out.

J.D. Snyder, partner

On any given day:

J.D. is the smartest guy in the firm, which is why he leads writing reports and articles on a broad spectrum of topics. John also does the heavy lifting on copy editing and proof reading.


He worked in policy development and communications for decades. He published an alternative community newspaper in the '70s, headed a statewide consumer advocacy organization, served as environmental health policy advisor to Gov. James Blanchard in the '80s and was later the Director of the Michigan Office of the Great Lakes. He currently works as a policy entrepreneur, creating and directing innovative projects to assist the economic recovery from the Great Recession at Michigan State University. He has an MS in resource development from Michigan State University with a minor in environmental toxicology.

Lisa Ferra

On any given day:

Lisa is C&R’s leading graphic designer producing corporate and industry magazines; as well as brochures and Internet graphic elements for website and social media channels.


She’s worked with a number of Michigan’s leading businesses and associations such as the Michigan State Medical Society, Sparrow Health System and political organizations on both sides of the aisle.  Lisa is a constant-learner which is no surprise because she’s been self-taught for like… forever.

Casey Hull

Kelsey West

Erik Molenaar

• C&R photographer

• Has a passion for storytelling

• Photojournalist at the State News

• Web and Graphic designer at C&R

• Articles published in magazines and reports

• Previously studied premedical and business

• Digital analyst

• Assembled C&R tech and hardware

• Production director of C&R News

• Shot and edited over 75 productions

• Drone Pilot

Gillian Searer

Anna Kennedy

Charlie Benoit

• PR Rockstar

• Social media strategist

• Internet researcher

• Support graphic designer

• Comm Arts student at MSU

• Support  photographer

• VIM Magazine photographer

• Greenpeace Photojournalist

• C&R News gimbal-cam operator

C&R Marketing